Reduce your plastic usage with our Compostable Dog Poop Bags.
These bags won't last forever. It's certified to breakdown within 180 days in both a home compost and industrial composting facility, whereas conventional plastics would last around 100 years in a landfill. These bags are even certified to be edible by worms.
Key Features:
- 2 rolls
- 50 bags per roll
- No paper core
- Made from PLA and PBAT and cornstarch
- Certified Home Compostable (AS5810)
- Certified Commercially Compostable (AS4736)

How do I dispose of my bag?
You can place it in your local council's organics bin for collection. However, please check with your local council as to whether they are accepted or not.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joseph P
Great product for the environment

amazing idea

Blake Z
Easy to use

Doesn't leak. It’s great how this is compostable.

Daniella Y.
Awesome product!!!!

Love this product! I can carry it when I walk my dog and best of all, it has no paper core!!

Hi Daniella, we are glad you enjoy the benefits of using our product!